SNMMI Virtual Meeting Sessions

Visitors to this site have complimentary access to select sessions from the 2017 and 2016 Virtual Meeting, with topics ranging from therapy to imaging, giving you anytime access to these presentations. Click on any of the sessions listed below to watch a professional education session from an SNMMI Annual Meeting!

* Please note: Access is for content only, no CE Credit will be available. 

CE02: Response Assessment for Lymphoma
CE04: Advances in Nuclear Cardiology
CE05: Multimodality Imaging of Common and Uncommon Hepatic Lesions
CE08: Read with the Experts in Nuclear Cardiology
CE09: [F-18]FDG PET-CT in Lung Cancer
CE15: Read with the Experts in Pediatrics
CE26: Gastrointestinal Transit Scintigraphy
CE30: Radionuclide Therapy in Children and Young Adults
CE32: Cardiac SPECT Instrumentation: An Overview and New Advances
CE34: Time-of-Flight PET Imaging: Physics and Clinical Impact
CE36: Imaging for Pulomnary Embolism: A Current Status Report
CE37: Theranostics in Thyroid Cancer: The Impact of Tracer Imaging on Therapy
CE42: FDG-PET/CT Evaluation of Pediatric Malignancies
CE44: Role of Imaging in Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment: Significance in Lymphoma
CE45: PET Brain Imaging, Dementia, and PET/CT False Positives and Artifacts
CE46: Cardiovascular Imaging Boot Camp I
CE50: Contemporary Lung Scanning: SPECT, PET and CTPA
CE58: Imaging and Therapy of Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) with Peptide Receptor Theranostics: A Transformational Change
CE60: Cardiac SPECT and PET Perfusion Imaging
CE61: Bone SPECT/CT Imaging in Orthopedics
CE63: Evaluation of Common Pediatric Genitourinary Disorders
CE65: PET/CT and Molecular Imaging in the Management of Malignant Melanoma
CE73: Optimal Radioactive Iodine Therapy in Benign Thyroid Diseases
CE75: Cholescintigraphy for the Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Abdominal Pain
CE79: Imaging Prostate Cancer
CE94: Molecular Imaging of Inflammation and Infection

Careers in Nuclear Medicine: SNMMI Spotlight

SNMMI's members include physicians, technologists, physicists, pharmacists, scientists, laboratory professionals, and others committed to advancing nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. The SNMMI Spotlight Series looks into the various careers of our members within this specialized field of medicine.